Sullivan King streaming “Lock Me Up” video

Band: Sullivan King
Song: “Lock Me Up”
Album: LOUD
Release Date: June 25th, 2021
Label: Hopeless Records

Mastermind Keaton Prescott said of the clip:

’Lock Me Up’ has been one of the favorites by far for a ton of the people I’ve showed this record to. It’s just a really rowdy track that showcases a lot of what I really gravitate towards in rock and metal and punk: really gritty vocals, fast and upbeat drums, and thick as hell guitars and bass. It’s definitely one of the simpler songs on the record and doesn’t have a stupid amount of electronic layers, which is honestly really exciting for me to try and accomplish something really straightforward without a ton of filler tracks and elements. The music video for this song was kind of the same way where we wanted to accomplish something that complimented that very simple, stripped-down style to create a very straightforward moment.”