Stuck Out announce You Won’t Come Home EP, debut video for “Fade Away”

Photo by: Lord Media

Official press release:

After putting in the hard work over the past two years, supporting bands such as Moose Blood, Real Friends, and The Getaway Plan, Melbourne’s Stuck Out are stepping into the spotlight with the track Fade Away, the first single off their upcoming EP You Won’t Come Home, which is to be released February 9th through Greyscale Records, with pre-orders now available HERE.

As vocalist Joshua Walker explains, the young band is working hard to solidify a sound that is truly their own:

“We wanted to put out a single that was different to anything we’d released before to prove we were pushing our musical boundaries. The emotion and sincerity that we pride all our music on is still present however it was important for us to portray the progression of our sound through this single.”

Of the EP, Walker continues:

“When we began writing this EP, one of the most important factors we considered was progression. Progression of sound, progression of story and progression of the band. We didn’t want to release the same music as we had before but we didn’t want a change so drastic that people wouldn’t recognise that it was still us, so finding that balance was a task we set ourselves. We also wanted to capture the rawness of our live performances and put that energy into a recorded format. Juggling all these different ideas was quite difficult in the writing stages but as we came closer to recording our ideas and goals became a lot clearer.”

You Won’t Come Home EP track listing:

1. “Stitch”
2. “Self Doubt”
3. “Grin”
4. “Weight”
5. “Fade Away”
6. “Linger”

Tour dates:

2/10 – Melbourne, AU | Bang Nightclub
2/11 – Melbourne, AU | Wrangler Studios
2/18 – Sydney, AU | Bald Faced Stag
2/23 – Brisbane, AU | The Brightside
2/25 – Brisbane, AU | 28 Berwick Street