Band: Stray From The Path
Song: “Bread & Roses” feat. Jesse Barnett (Stick To Your Guns)
Album: Euthanasia
Release Date: September 9th, 2022
Label: UNFD

Speaking of the single, guitarist Tom Williams offered:

“If you know Stray, you know that since we first met in 2008 and throughout our whole career, Jesse Barnett is family. He’s a person that walks the walk and someone that everybody should look up to as an example of direct action to help people in need. We had this idea for the song and there aren’t many people that are qualified for it more than him.

In addition to his voice being the perfect fit for the vibe, we wanted to do something that helps boost his efforts and supports his mutual aid projects in the Los Angeles community. We did a special All Power Books vinyl variant of our new album, where all of the profit from these sales go directly to people in need.

A lot of time, it is hard to feel confident where your money goes, but we’ve seen directly where this money goes with our own eyes, and you can also see by following them at @allpowerbooks and @apfreeclinic.”

Barnett, for his part, said:

“We believe in the principles of uplifting our community through directly asking our community about its needs. Through this we have noticed our community becoming empowered and more involved with itself. In a world bent on isolating and alienating us from ourselves and each other, we militantly combat this by not only serving our community but allowing anyone from the community who wants to, to also serve.

We reject saviourism and we believe that only through unity and togetherness can people save themselves from the common problems that plague our communities. We are honored that Stray From The Path has decided to do this and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts.

The money from this shirt and vinyl variant will go towards our educational programs, our free medical clinic, our produce distributions, our school supply drives, our day care services and the many other things we offer our community. Thank you Stray for helping us keep this alive.”


Euthanasia track listing:

  1. “Needful Things”
  2. “May You Live Forever”
  3. “III”
  4. “Guillotine”
  5. “Chest Candy”
  6. “Bread & Roses” feat. Jesse Barnett
  7. “Law Abiding Citizen”
  8. “The Salt in Your Spit”
  9. “Neighbourhood Watch”
  10. “Ladder Work”