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German hardcore outfit Still Ill will be releasing their new record Building The Beast, a concept album about how society and people are turning into things they once fought. The press release states:

The metaphorical beast is built by each and everyone of us, guided by greed, malice and anger. Most of the songs are about some specific topics which are in our point of view main problems of the modern world. Misguiding media, abusement of power, racism and facism, people caught in despair and being without hope. In some songs and somewhere between the lines there is still a glance of hope and some points where we could still turn those things around – if we act before it is too late.

Building The Beast will see its release on CD/LP/DDL on March 11th via Demons Run Amok Entertainment. Pre-orders are available now and can be picked up at this location. A teaser for the record along with a music video for the album’s third track “The Greater Fool” are available and can be found below. The track listing and cover art also follow.

Building The Beast track listing:

1. “Prologue”
2. “Building The Beast” (feat. Kevin Optimist)
3. “The Greater Fool”
4. “Lost All Faith” (feat. Lucas Done)
5. “Violent Few”
6. “Among Thieves”
7. “Primal Evil” (feat. Chris Mossat)
8. “Frozen Souls”
9. “Minutes To Midnight” (feat. Fabio Countdown)
10. “Paradigm Shift”

Still Ill 1

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