The music video for Italian rockers Mellowtoy’s track “Dead Colours” has made it’s online debut, check it out above via Metal Underground. The band issued the following of the animated clip, which was written and directed by The Jack Stupid:

This video represents a deep reflection on changes and the future. It talks about the difficulty and the responsibility to make choices on which depend other people’s life. It’s not a coincidence the fact that the two main character of ‘Dead Colours’ has a father/son relationship where father’s behaviour reflects on son’s way. Furthermore this video talks about the fear to compromise humans relationship with wrong behaviour. The video itself stops on a non-concluded attempt to repair all these mistake, keeping an open final view and giving the audience the possibility to choose its own end to this story.

The song is from the outfit’s new full-length Lies, out now through Scarlet Records and available for purchase on iTunes.

Lies track listing:

1. “Nitro Dk”
2. “Lies”
3. “Visions”
4. “Destroy Yourself”
5. “Reflections”
6. “Dead Colours”
7. “Faded Promises”
8. “Chain Reaction”
9. “Humans Are A Plague On Earth”
10. “A Letter From The Past”
11. “Bright New World”
12. “S.A.T.A.N.”

Mellowtoy 1

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