Stellar Circuits issue video for new track “Skylights”

Band: Stellar Circuits
Song: “Skylights”
Album: Ways We Haunt
Release Date: November 9th, 2018

Voclist Ben Beddick commented on the track:

“The meaning behind ‘Skylights’ stems from its name. It comes from the idea of using the word as a double entendre. In one sense, it’s used to describe lights in the sky shining down and guiding us towards our destination. It’s also intended to be used as a metaphor to represent a window to the sky or to the soul.”

Bassist Jesse Olsen said of the clip

Justin (videographer) came up with the setup of the shoot. It was actually filmed outside in the middle of a circle of cars with the headlights on. Erez later added effects that made it more of an abstract video… it seemed to work visually and symbolically with ‘Skylights’.”


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