Official press release:

Bridge Nine Records is thrilled to announce that the midwest powerhouse hardcore band Spine will be releasing new music with the label in the coming year. Veterans of the scene, Spine features members of Weekend Nachos, Sorry Excuse, Blindside USA and Keef Mountain, and the band has released several demos and splits on Bad Teeth Recordings. Spine has toured across North America and have played seminal hardcore music festivals such as FYA Fest, Damaged City Fest, and Midwest Blood Fest, and putting out a full-length on Bridge Nine seemed like the next logical step for the band. Drummer John Hoffman commented:

“We’ve previously done a few 7″s, a split, and our first album all on my label Bad Teeth Recordings. Bridge Nine will be the first opportunity we’ve ever had to work with another label. Everyone at B9 seems as excited as we are to release the long-awaited second Spine album. We’re very grateful for the signing.”

Hailing from Kansas City, respectively, Spine play the type of hardcore that’s unforgiving and uncompromising. The band takes a unique perspective on the genre, fusing late 80’s youth crew inspired punk such as Youth Of Today and fuses it with the grit influenced by bands such as Despise You and Think I Care. Needless to say, Spine will feel right at home on Bridge Nine.

Spine will finish writing their sophomore LP this summer and it will be…

“…a slight departure from our earlier records, but in the best way possible. I’ve just been listening to a lot of Cro Mags while writing for it, if that matters to anyone,”

…commented Hoffman. Following the completion of their LP, Spine will tour both the east and west coasts around the album release. Look for more news and information to surface soon. In the meantime, check out Spine on Bandcamp.