Official press release:

It’s a brand new day, and a brand new beginning for metalcore quintet Speaking With Ghosts, based out of Chicago, as the group just announced their signing to indie label Famined Records. Furthermore, the band is ready to celebrate the accomplishment with even bigger news: a full length – Illuminated – coming November 17th, along with a brand new single to showcase what exactly they’ve been working for in the past few years. You can stream the music video now, courtesy of Bring The Noise.

Speaking With Ghosts unveils “Woven In Gold”, the first track off of their newest album set to see light this Winter. Kicking the door in with a force, vocalist Ryan belts out the main theme of the track: “are we sealed by fate?”, and then proceeds to scream his heart out for the following three and a half minutes, while being backed up by crispy guitar tones, nice melodic riffing, groovy bass and pummelling drums. If you’re looking for something that’ll get your blood flowing, your foot tapping, and your head banging, rest assured, you just found it.

Along with the track the band has also launched bundles for the album and, if digitally pre-ordered, fans will also be able to grab “Woven In Gold” right away.

Pat (bass, vocals) also had some thoughts to share about the lead single:

‘Woven In Gold’ touched a universal topic by asking ‘are we sealed by fate?’ In the song, we wrote it about questioning our choices and why we’re making them. If we are here, existing, what is it for? If we’re not happy, what must we do to be happy? If we’re in control of our lives, why haven’t we found the answers to our questions yet? It’s all about the unknown and the thought processes behind why we do the things we do what we do them for.”


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  • Illuminated track listing:

    1. “Woven In Gold”
    2. “Roadblocks”
    (feat. Dana Willax)
    3. “What We Left Behind”
    4. “Relapse”
    5. “The Boy Who Lived”
    6. “Uncrowned”
    7. “Kingmaker”
    8. “Winds Change”
    (feat. Cory Brunnemann)
    9. “Dreamwalker”
    10. “Skywalker”