Band: Space of Variations
Song: “DNA Molecule in a Million of Dimensions”
Director: Tymofii Kasatkin & SOV
Album: Imago
Release Date: September 23rd, 2022
Label: Napalm Records

Speaking of the track, the band offered:

“We choose the track ‘DNA’ because its heavy, dark and hypnotic sound mirrors the sad state of our feelings personally during these dark times as individuals and for the country we live in. The war has revealed so many things about our lives and have stripped down our everyday lives right down to the last molecule. We have come to accept this new reality but will do everything in our power to come out better versions of ourselves in the end…”

It was announced today that Space of Variations will join fellow Ukrainian metallers Jinjer on a fall tour of the U.S. Of that trek, the group said:

“We are so excited to finally tour the USA alongside such great bands as P.O.D., Vended and Malevolence but also very grateful to see our friends in Jinjer again each and every night this fall. Jinjer has stepped up for Space of Variations so many times already and they continue to not only be one of the most respected bands in the music scene but also show that they have not forgotten where they come from! We cannot wait for this tour!”


IMAGO track listing:

  2. “vein.mp3”
  3. “NON-HUMAN CLUB 2.0”
  4. “DNA molecule in a million of dimensions”
  5. “Slaughterhouse (ぬ死)”
  7. “1M followers” feat. Denis Stoff
  10. “IMAGO”
  11. “Brahmastra”
  12. “serial killer”
  13. “ULTRABEAT” feat. alyona alyona
  14. “ellipsis…”
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