Photo by: Jacob Smith

Official press release:

Season of Mist is proud to announce the signing of Brodequin, the brutal death metal outfit from Knoxville, TN! The band will be releasing its fourth full length in 2023, making it the band’s debut to the label!

In celebration of this new union, Brodequin is now streaming their entire back catalogue, Methods of Execution (2004), Festival of Death (2001), and Instruments of Torture (2000) on all digital platforms!

Brodequin comments on the signing:

Brodequin is very pleased and honored to announce we are now part of the Season of Mist family!! The Season of Mist roster is familiar to many, and packed with substantial names of various genres including 1349, Abbath, Benighted, Wormed, Tsjuder, Severe Torture and many more!

We feel this is an important step in the direction we have been moving towards for several years, and are certain our partnership with Season of Mist will further spread our version of brutality to many more individuals.

In addition to Season of Mist’s excellent support on every level, we will now have the best distribution we’ve ever had in both the United States & Europe. This will not only alleviate the high shipping costs from the U.S. to our European friends, but extend our reach overall. Season of Mist is just as excited as we are to get the new album out, they also will be the source for our back catalog, digital and physical as well as the associated merchandise.

We will be recording late this summer and looking forward to a 2023 release! More news such as the album title etc. will be coming soon.”

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