Band: Soilwork
Song: “Nous Sommes La Guerre”
Album: Övergivenheten
Release Date: August 19th, 2022
Label: Nuclear Blast Records

The band said of the song:

“‘Nous Sommes la Guerre‘ evolved around a ‘fight or flight’ theme. The song is about internal struggles and confronting your own worst sides. It’s a cry for help in defeating the darkness inside of you and move towards a brighter path.”

Artist Argavilda, who did the artwork for the single, said of the track:

“The idea is to peel the skin of the narrator to reveal the individual layers and see what makes the individual. All the scarred and murky sides being laid bare the deeper you dig. Crying golden blood because there are no more tears. It is a person soul searching to find answers and exposing themselves to ask for help. My interpretation of the lyrics is intricately connected to being lost and realizing, that you must build yourself up anew and that you cannot do it alone.”


Övergivenheten track listing:

  1. “Övergivenheten”
  2. “Nouse Sommes la Guerre”
  3. “Electric Again”
  4. “Valleys Of Gloam”
  5. “Is It In Your Darkness”
  6. “Vultures”
  7. “Morgongåva/Stormfågel”
  8. “Death, I Hear You Calling”
  9. “This Godless Universe”
  10. “Dreams Of Nowhere”
  11. “The Everlasting Flame”
  12. “Golgata”
  13. “Harvest Spine”
  14. “On The Wings Of A Goddess Through Flaming Sheets Of Rain”