Slipknot have finally given the fans a taste of what is to come in the form of “The Negative One”, the first single from their upcoming 5th studio album.

At this time the song can only be heard on the band’s website but it’s definitely worth a listen. I suggest you head over there right now, don’t even worry about the rest of my post unless you really enjoy my garbage.

I like the track, it’s a heavy one and in my opinion it’s something of a cross between older, self-titled Slipknot and All Hope Is Gone Slipknot. There’s a certain quasi-rawness to it that takes me back to 1999 yet it still has qualities of what band is in the present day. The one thing I think is lacking a bit are the vocals. Corey Taylor doesn’t sound nearly as ferocious as he has in the past. Overall, it’s a pretty solid track and I think it will make most fans happy.

This is the first track released that doesn’t feature Paul Gray, who passed away in 2010, or Joey Jordison who parted ways with the band late last year. No news on whether touring bassist Donnie Steele recorded bass for the album or who is manning the drum kit for the band.