Skinless debut “Skull Session” music video

Band: Skinless
Song: “Skull Session”
Album: Savagery
Release Date: May 11th
Label: Relapse Records

The group comments:

“Stylistically, our new video is Evil Dead, meets Tales From The Crypt, meets the A-Team! Skinless finds a way to infiltrate the mind of the hippie and torment behind the point of return. If you enjoy this even a fraction as much as the fun we had making it, mission accomplished. This is as homegrown as it gets with most of the budget being spent on beer, booze, and lumber! ENJOY THIS FINAL CUT! heeee heeeeee heeee haaa [CryptKeeper voice].

The ‘Skull Session’ video has a lot of fun little brutal Easter eggs in it. It was a team effort between friends dating over twenty-five years. It’s an honor to be able to bring this to life, or death, rather, with not only a talented team, but great friends. Wayne Ordon, our ‘best boy’ and guillotine designer/constructor has been a major supporter of the band and great friend since the mid ’90s.”