Mathcore outfit SikTh‘s new full-length The Future In Whose Eyes? officially dropped today on Peaceville Records. A full stream of the effort is available below courtesy of Independent. Visit for links to get your copy.

The Future In Whose Eyes? track listing:

1. “Vivid”
2. “Century Of The Narcissist?”
3. “The Aura”
4. “The Ship Has Sailed”
5. “Weavers Of Woe”
6. “Cracks Of Light”
(feat. Spencer Sotelo)
7. “Golden Cufflinks” (feat. Spencer Sotelo)
8. “The Moon’s Been Gone For Hours”
9. “Riddles Of Humanity”
10. “No Wishbones”
11. “Ride The Illusion”
12. “When It Rains”