Eidola premiere full-album stream of To Speak, To Listen

Experimental post-hardcore quintet Eidola are streaming their new album To Speak, To Listen in its entirety, take it in below. The group said of the effort:

To Speak, To Listen is a progressive post-hardcore album that explores the depths of consciousness, faith, human history, and perennial philosophy. The title is true to the album’s narrative and intention, to facilitate an honest conversation.”

Blue Swan Records released it today. Make your way to MerchNOW or Bandcamp to get your copy of the record. Eidola are currently touring the U.S. with Hail The Sun, Capsize, and Limbs.

To Speak, To Listen track listing:

1. “The Abstract Of A Planet In Resolve”
2. “Tetelestai”
3. “Primitive Econimics”
4. “Querents”
5. “Amplissimus Machina”
6. “Loti”
7. “Dendrochronology”
8. “The Familiar”
9. “Houses Movement III: Rust/Rebuild”
10. “Sri Vishnu Yantra”
11. “Transcendentium Part I: Zoroastrian”
12. “Transcendentium Part II: Fourth Temple”

[via Pure Volume]