Official press release:

Guildford pop rock newcomers Seasonal are pleased to announce their debut, 5-track EP Bloom, set for self-release on 19th May. With the title chosen to represent the new beginning for the quartet, vocalist/bassist Matt Truseler gives an insight into it’s content:

“Lyrically we take a very honest approach. The songs on this EP are all about personal experiences from our lives and feelings. We wanted to avoid having songs with generic lyrics that although anyone could relate to, do not have a personal connection to us: a balance between, what is relatable for the listener, without losing the meaning of each track for us.”

The band are now also streaming lead single “Certainty” here, with Truseler saying:

“The song is about the balance in a relationship where compromise may no longer be an option, but you keep going back for more; the realisation that it isn’t really working and having to be the person to bring up the flaws and break it off. It’s a track that shows a lot of the dynamic in our sound, and the first on the EP, so works well as a stepping off point.”

Bloom EP track listing:

1. “Certainty”
2. “Headphones”
3. “These Games”
4. “Ranger”
5. “Homeward”

With a line-up completed by guitarists Max O’Neill and Alex Coombes and drummer Alex Tickner, Seasonal formed as trio in 2016, later recruiting Alex on the strength of demos. With the line-up complete they pushed on with writing more material, but agreed that “something was not quite selling us”. Continuing to experiment, a change of tuning and the writing of debut track “Sevens” made for a winning combo and from this process their moniker was plucked. Truseler summarizes:

“The name of the band really just came from the change in the attitude and way we approached the project, like a change in the seasons.”