Catch Fire‘s sophomore EP A Love That I Still Miss is now streaming in full, take it in below. Frontman Miles Kent comments:

ALTISM is a collection of the most heartfelt songs we’ve ever written, that represent things we’ve felt and experiences we’ve had had to endure over the past year in our personal lives. There are a lot of themes covered in the EP, stretching from jealousy, anxiety, anger, sadness, happiness, all the way to love and hate. This collection of songs is a product of personal discomfort, sadness and anxiety for the most part, and we wanted to channel all these negative feelings into something that could potentially be the cure to someone else’s despair. We hope these songs can help anyone in some way, big or small.”

The effort is out now via Rude Records. Get your copy on physical and digital formats from MerchNOW and iTunes.

A Love That I Still Miss EP track listing:

1. “Poise”
2. “Curfew”
3. “Sylvester”
4. “Lucid”
5. “Reality”
6. “Guilty As Charged”
7. “Thin Ice”
8. “Sinking”