Official press release:

Cruz Del Sur Music has inked a recording deal with Indianapolis’ Sacred Leather for the release of debut album Ultimate Force. With influences that are surely evident to any heavy metal purist, Sacred Leather‘s music seems to emerge directly from the early 80s, mixing elegant and nostalgic hard rock/ proto metal with the most belligerent side of the traditional NWOBHM sound. The recording of Ultimate Force will start in early September for an expected February 2018 release.

Sacred Leather was created out of necessity, to summon the spirit of the Heavy Metal forefathers into an age mired in apostasies. Make sure to keep an eye out for the legion of leather! In the meantime, check out the band’s 2016 official video for “Prowling Sinner” below:

Sacred Leather is:

Wrathchild – vocals
The Devil’s Hellion – guitar
The Highway – guitar
Magnus Legrand – bass
Jailhouse – drum

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