Royal Thunder release “The Sinking Chair” music video

This past week saw the premiere of the official video for Royal Thunder‘s track “The Sinking Chair”. Vocalist/bassist Mlny Parsons said of the track:

“This song is about feeling stuck in a sinking chair. You can sit there and allow yourself to be consumed by negative/paralyzing thoughts and they will do just that, consume you. You have to get up and ‘break the hand that covers your mouth’.

I hope this song brings the listener a sense of empowerment to choose a different way, a better way. When I wrote the lyrics for ‘The Sinking Chair’, I was in one myself. I was in a place of frustration with a looming sense of defeat hanging above my head like a dark cloud.

When I realized I didn’t have to stay there, that’s when I pulled myself up and moved onto something better. It always amazes me how blind we can be to the truth when we are in such a dark place, to the point of not even realizing we are truly in a dark place. Why stay there?! Rise from your sinking chair and run!”

The song is taken from the group’s newly released studio album WICK (Spinefarm). Visit this location for physical and digital copies.

[via NPR]