Aswekeepsearching recently debuted an audio stream of a new track titled “Reminiscence”. The song is off their upcoming, sophomore effort Zia, which is due out on April 28th through Flower Blossom In The Space. Pre-orders are available from the group’s PledgeMusic. The group said of the record:

Zia is an Arabic origin word that translates to ‘light’. The metaphor that runs as an undercurrent throughout the making of the album, is the cage of circumstance that often prevents one from living one’s dream – the effort to break through this and also realise that the cage is also sometimes home ground, or a comfort zone.

This came to us in the form of the bird, caught surrounded by the bars of the cage – and a man caught in a city among the chains of social constructs. We would like each song to depict a part of their realisations and struggle to keep their dream alive, both the bird and the man.

Being on the road as a band, touring, has given us lot of different experiences to each one of us, which we are never going to forget.

With Zia we are trying to express all of these different emotions – the ups and downs of life, through each individual track for which we have given our all and made sure we left nothing behind.”

Zia track listing:

1. “And Then Came Spring”
2. “Sleep//Awake”
3. “UNS”
4. “There You Are”
5. “Reminiscence”
6. “Kalga”
7. “A New Solace”
8. “Hope Unfolds”
9. “Lights & Colors”
10. “Sometime Somewhere”
11. “Ascend”

[via Prog]