Official press release:

Portland, Oregon-based death-grind outfit Rank And Vile are proud to announce the forthcoming October 18th release of their debut album, redistribution of flesh. Formed by musicians who had already honed their craft in many Portland-based projects over the years, Rank And Vile came to life in 2018 with shared chemistry and a clear vision for the band from their inception. Immediately wasting no time to get going, the group promptly released an energetic three-song EP in late 2018 called chameleon bastard. along with beginning to play live shows.

Not even a full year later and Rank And Vile are ready to unleash even more pissed off and destructive music with redistribution of flesh. In the world of grindcore where speed is god above all else, the power of quality riffs and killer songwriting continues to be the X factor for grind acolytes like Rank And Vile who desire to carve out their own path. Through the incorporation of down-tempo crushing heaviness and grooves woven into their sound, the band puts their own personal stamp on death-grind in an exciting way. 

The group cites influences ranging from Rotten Sound, Magrudergrind, Entombed, Gatecreeper, and Black Breath. Fans of those bands will find much to love throughout every annihilating burst of fury redistribution of flesh. contains. With an ambitious series of plans already set post-release, Rank And Vile are dedicated to rising through the ranks. This is only the beginning for a very special new band.

You can check out an extended album teaser video for redistribution of flesh. here:

Rank And Vile comments on the release of redistribution of flesh.:

Rank And Vile, a Death-Grind Quartet from Portland, OR are proud to present redistribution of flesh. 8 politically charged, occult inspired, and chainsaw guitar-driven tracks that cross genre boundaries throughout extreme metal.  From the blast beat-driven riffs that define what grindcore stands for, to the dark and droney grooves of doom metal, and everything in between. redistribution of flesh. gives listeners a chance to experience auditory Hell on every axis.”

Stay tuned for more Rank And Vile news, early singles, pre-orders, and promos for reviewers to be sent out in the coming weeks.

redistribution of flesh. track listing:

  1. “apotheosis.”
  2. “cabal therapy.”
  3. “omb.”
  4. “redistribution of flesh.”
  5. “grey goo.”
  6. “killdozer.”
  7. “global scaphism.”
  8. “the grigori.”

Rank and Vile is:

Theo Spence (Velaraas) – vocals
Matt Oien – guitars
Leon West – bass
James Cox – drums

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