Pyro, Ohio stream new album Keepsakes

Pyro, Ohio’s new record Keepsakes is now streaming in its entirety online. The album will be available worldwide tomorrow; pre-orders are available through the outfit’s Bandcamp.

Keepsakes track listing:

1. “Keepsakes”
2. “It’s Not My Cup Of Tea, But I’ll Drink It”
3. “The Genie Should Stay In The Bottle”
4. “The Truest Reflection”
5. “A King’s Departure Is Never Silent”
6. “Modern Romantics”
7. “Malevolence Vs. Karma”
8. “A Glass Half Empty Is A Life Full Of Regrets”
9. “Ripley’s Nightmare”
10. “What’s Past Is Prelude”
11. “If Only I Could Learn To Swim”

Pyro, Ohio 3

[via idobi Radio]