Band: Compilation
Album: Pure Noise Lo-Fi Chill Punk
Release Date: June 22nd, 2021
Label:  Pure Noise Records

Mik comments on the effort:

“I was first inspired to create lo-fi beats when I was still a university student. Listening to lo-fi hip hop helped me get through assignments, last-minute studying sessions, and my commute to school. It’s a fluid genre when it comes to production style, and I typically approach writing my music by creating a nostalgic atmosphere first and foremost. I listened to a ton of punk rock in high school, so working on these lo-fi covers with Pure Noise Records has been a wonderfully nostalgic journey.”


Pure Noise Lo-Fi Chill Punk track listing:

  1. The Story So Far, Mik – “Clairvoyant”
  2. Knocked Loose Mik, “Mistakes Like Fractures”
  3. State Champs, Mik, – “Elevated”
  4. Four Year Strong, Less Gravity – “Go Down In History”
  5. The Amity Affliction, Mik – “Soak Me In Bleach”
  6. Seaway, Mik – “Mrs. David”
  7. Can’t Swim, Less Gravity – “Stranger”
  8. Spanish Love Songs, Less Gravity – “Beach Front Property”
  9. Seahaven, Mik – “Moon”
  10. The Story So Far, Mik – “Upside Down”
  11. Counterparts, Less Gravity – “Burn”
  12. Hawthorne Heights, Less Gravity – “Ohio Is For Lovers”
  13. Belmont, Mik – “By My Side”
  14. Just Friends, Mik – “I Wanna Love You”
  15. Bearings, Mik – “So Damn Wrong”