Band: Polyphia
Song: “ABC” feat. Sophia Black
Director: Jake Woodbridge
Album: Remember That You Will Die
Release Date: October 28th, 2022
Label: Rise Records

Remember That You Will Die track listing:

  1. “Genesis” feat. Brasstracks
  2. “Playing God”
  3. “The Audacity” feat. Anomalie
  4. “Reverie”
  5. “ABC” feat. Sophia Black
  6. “Memento Mori” feat. Killstation
  7. “Fuck Around and Find Out” feat. $not
  8. “All Falls Apart”
  9. “Neurotica”
  10. “Chimera” feat. Lil West
  11. “Bloodbath” feat. Chino Moreno
  12. “Ego Death” feat. Steve Vai
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