New York rockers Pigs are streaming their new single titled “The Life In Pink”. The song is from the band’s impending sophomore record Wronger, which is scheduled for an October 2nd release through Solar Flare Records. CD, LP, and digital pre-orders are currently available and can be found at . A CD bundle that includes the album and You Ruin Everything, as well as a vinyl bundle that comes with the Gaffe 10″ are also available for pre-order and can be found here and here, respectively.

Wronger track listing:

1. “A Great Blight”
2. “The Life In Pink”
3. “Bet It All On Black”
4. “Amateur Hour In Dick City”
5. “Mope”
6. “Wrap It Up”
7. “Mouth Dump”
8. “Make Sure To Forget”
9. “Bug Boy”
10. “Wronger”
11. “Donnybrook”

Pigs 2

[via Noisey]

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