Band: Ophidian I
Album: Desolate
Release Date: July 16th, 2021
Label: Season of Mist

Ophidian I said of the effort:

“The culmination of all our hard work and passion is finally here! We are beyond proud to present our lives work, our greatest achievement to date; Desolate. We feel like this album truly belongs in the collection of every tech-death enthusiast and shamelessly declare this to be the sickest death metal ever to come out of Iceland.”


Desolate track listing:

  1. “Diamonds”
  2. “Spiral To Oblivion”
  3. “Storm Aglow”
  4. “Unfurling The Crescent Moon”
  5. “Sequential Descent”
  6. “Captive Infinity”
  7. “Enslaved In A Desolate Swarm”
  8. “Dominion Eyes”
  9. “Jupiter”
  10. “Wither On The Vine”