Oh/Villain issue video for new single “Preacher”

Oh/Villain have a new video out for their latest single “Preacher”. Vocalist Julian Latouche said of the song:

‘Preacher’ is a good sonic reproduction of who we are as a band as it was one of the first songs written for this EP and it is a good reflection for what’s to come in Pilot. The EP tackles a lot of themes about personal growth and understanding but as the EP name suggests we want the audience to gather their own opinions and ideas about what the songs mean to them and interpret them how they please.”

Regarding the video, he adds:

“The visuals of this video for Preacher have the theme of breaking away and finding your self, the self you are proud of and isn’t shadowed by anything.”

The group’s debut EP Pilot – from which “Preacher” is taken – will be available in stores on June 30th.