Band: Niviane
Song: “The Berserker”
Director: Ryan Adams
Album: The Druid King
Release Date: November 3rd, 2017
Label: Pitch Black Records

Frontman Norman Skinner said of the clip:

“We wanted to do something above and beyond your standard band rocking out video shoot. Our vision was to do a music video with more of a cinematic vibe. Ryan Adams understood exactly what we were going for. We had to come to terms very quickly that to do a full casted movie production would be costly but luckily, we have some of the greatest fans in the world. All actors in the video are fans that answered our open casting call, and did I mention they are all volunteers? We spent our band funds to have costumes made and to purchase all props but aside from the outfits, weaponry and effects the actors really brought this video to life. All day long on a mountain top they braved extremely cold temperatures, rain, lightning and hail without complaining once. We are very proud of how this video came out and do hope that our fans enjoy it as much as we do.”