New Villainy record Villainy II: Dim due in February through Listenable Records; stream new song Nebulous Chasm”

From time to time, the metal scene gives birth to challenging bands, and the Netherlands’ Villainy is one of those artists who have been willing to explore new extreme metal shores with great balance, and without compromising the mood and utter darkness they initially offered. Now, Villainy present their second full-length album, Villainy II: Dim, set for North American release on February 12th, 2016 via Listenable Records.

Villainy’s new album features three chapters. Each chapter has a different conceptual twist to the same philosophical questions – essentially, life in all its forms. The variety in musical styles and lyrics are part of this concept. The songs are permeated with even more musical variety than ever, which takes an important role in Villainy’s form of eclectic heavy music. This is the most extreme songwriting the band has ever churned out in all ways: heavier, darker, faster, but also somewhat mellower, more ecstatic, and slower. Influences have widened as minds have opened.

Villainy have toured with The Shining, Inquisition, and Entrails, and also played a successful show at Bloodstock 2015. The artwork for Villainy II: Dim was created by Manuel Tinnemans from Comaworx (Saturnalia Temple, Pentacle), and the album was recorded by Jos Kessels and then mixed by Toneshed Recording Studio for an extremely heavy sound. Hear for yourself here with “Nebulous Chasm”, the first track to be premiered from Villainy’s new album, courtesy of Deaf Forever magazine.

Villainy II: Dim track listing:

1. “A Familiar Wind”
2. “Nebulous Chasm”
3. “Dwaalspoor”
4. “Jewel”
5. “Only I Have the Light of Lights”
6. “Valley”
7. “The Soul Is Untouched”
8. “Inside Her Hide and Fire”
9. “And the Gold of Rebirth”
10. “Herschapen”

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