Official press release:

Canadian black/death metal horde Necronomicon are will be releasing their sixth full-length record, Unus, on October 18 via Season of Mist! You can watch a trailer for the upcoming record at below.

Necronomicon vocalist/guitarist Rob the Witch comments on the album:

“When all is said and done, one most return to the start and begin a new life. Unus is the first major Arcana that starts a new cycle in the evolution of any living things. Welcome to our new incarnation.”

Unus track listing:

  1. “From Ashes into Flesh”
  2. “Infinitum Continuum”
  3. “Paradise Lost”
  4. “The Price of a Soul”
  5. “Singularis Dominus”
  6. “The Thousand Masks”
  7. “Ascending The throne Of Baator”
  8. “Fhtagn”
  9. “Cursed MMXIX”
  10. “Vox Draconis”

Necronomicon is:

Rob The Witch – guitar/vocals/bass
Divider – drums