Music Benefactors announce partnership with Royalty Partners

Official press release:

Music Benefactors is a SEC registered investment platform with a sole focus on the music industry. Recording artists and independent music businesses can raise capital for new projects and monetize catalogs by partnering with fans and investors. Recording artists, indie labels, music publishers, venues and other music businesses can use the platform to further connect with fans. Unlike traditional crowdfunding, fans and investors share the income that the projects generate. Independent businesses can raise up to $5 million per year.

Music Benefactors is announcing their next partnership with Royalty Partners a firm focused on bringing affordable music investment opportunities to a broad group of investors. Royalty Partners operates in conjunction with The Best Music Co., a full-service boutique publishing administrator that specializes in high-touch client management, strong royalty recovery and more dedicated placement efforts. Together Royalty Partners and The Best Music Co. have over 50 years of experience navigating the music industry. They are now harnessing their collective knowledge to source, value, acquire and grow music catalogs in partnership with individual investors. 

This is an exciting and unique opportunity for an extensive range of investors. Over the past 15 years, due to stable returns, music catalog acquisitions have become increasingly popular. However, they are typically available only to institutionally backed investors or music industry insiders. Royalty Partners aim to change this and make royalty participation available to a wider base. Those who invest with Royalty Partners via Music Benefactors, will be treated as music insiders with access to The Best Music Co.’s expertise and online portal to monitor their music catalog and royalty statements.

On the partnership, Martin Cernosek, CIO for The Best Music Co. and Royalty Partners remarks:

Royalty Partners unlocks the exclusive world of copyright ownership and welcomes investors to the music industry. With an investment in musical works, our partners can diversify their portfolio, expect good return potential, and performance consistency; even when other markets are volatile. Our experienced team does all the hard work of catalog acquisition, maintenance, and management, and our partners just collect the royalties and enjoy the sustained performance that makes music famous. We look forward to working with Music Benefactors to help us make music royalties as an asset more broadly available to investors.”