Murals streaming new single “11:11” feat. BJ Allen (Zero Trust)

Band: Murals
Song: “11:11” feat. BJ Allen (Zero Trust, Full Scale Riot)
Album: “11:11” (single)
Release Date: June 8th, 2022
Label: Equal Vision Records

The band said of the track:

“We are so proud and honored to have been able to work with BJ Allen on ’11:11′ – it’s a surreal feeling, to hear our composition supporting such a personal and powerful message. We hope people are touched by BJ’s emboldened lyrics, and reminded that we’re only ever facing one moment at a time.” 

BJ Allen offered on his lyrics:

“One of the hardest things for me was seeing young children and families going through a far harder struggle than I was. As a parent I couldn’t imagine the struggle and the stress. Make-A-Wish foundation gives children and families facing terminal illness hope. Some have even gotten better and credit the encouragement they received from Make-A-Wish foundation for helping them through their struggle.”