Official press release:

Melodic death metallers Carrion Vael return with their explosive new album Abhorrent Obsession, set for release on 12th August via Unique Leader. 

Ahead of the album release the band have delivered a new single, “King Of The Rhine”. Watch the music video to “King of The Rhine”, by Daniel Tilson, below. Pre-order Abhorrent Obsessions here.

Vocalist Travis Lawson Purcell described the new album:

Abhorrent Obsessions is a psychological look into the mind of the famously deranged, sick, and murderous ones amongst us. Technical, brutal, and melodically charged, we wrote this album with the utmost in absolute savagery at heart.”

Formed in 2017 Carrion Vael execute skilfully crafted melodic death/thrash and draw lyrical influences from famous serial killers and mass murders in history. Their brutal force is heavily influenced by technical, melodic and traditional death metal, incorporating aspects of slam and old school death with razor-cut precision. 

Their debut album, Resurrection of the Doomed, arrived in 2017 with sophomore album God Killer following in 2020 via Horror Pain Gore Death Productions to worldwide critical acclaim.

Having shared the stage with The Black Dahlia Murder, Cattle Decapitation, NekrogoblikonWolftooth and many more hard-hitters, Carrion Vael are ready to push the next chapter of their career to the fullest. 

Abhorrent Obsessions track listing:

  1. “Wings Of Deliverance”
  2. “The Devil In Me”
  3. “King of The Rhine”
  4. “Kentucky Fried Strangulation”
  5. “Tithes of Forbearance”
  6. “Disturbia”
  7. “Malleus Maleficarum”
  8. “The Paint Shop”

Carrion Vael are:

Travis Lawson Purcell – vocals
Trent Limburg – guitar
Alex Arford – bass 
Chris Smiley – drums
Ryan Kuder – guitar