Morkesagn debut Where The Darkness Never Ends to arrive this month

Morkesagn 1

From the bowels of Hell comes forth Ukraine’s own Morkesagn and their debut album entitled Where The Darkness Never Ends due out November 30th via the band. Amazing in temperament, lucid in musicianship, atmospheric throughout and just plain wicked. Slipping through many different tempo changes, its Black metal with poise, imagination and craft. The kind of primeval, instinctive Black Metal that triggers an involuntary bloodlust in the minds and hearts of the faithful.

Fans of Emperor, Dissection, Satyricon and early Norwegian black metal will definitely want to get their corpse painted hands on this.

Three tracks from the effort (“Dungeons”, “Heart Of Flame”, and “Frost”) are streaming currently via the outfit’s Bandcamp; listen below. Digital pre-orders can also be reserved through the player.

Where The Darkness Never Ends track listing:

1. “Dungeons”
2. “Heart Of Darkness”
3. “Heart Of Poison”
4. “Heart Of Flame”
5. “Temple”
6. “Frost”
7. “Throne Of Doom”

Morkesagn 2