Official press release:

Modern metal artists Moretta announce the release of their sophomore album What’s Left Means Nothing. Vocalist comments:

“This album is a representation of where we are as musicians and as individuals. I couldn’t be more proud of how it turned out.”

The album is the next step the evolution of Moretta and makes the listener look inside themselves and find their inner strength. The album was produced by Paisley and mastered by Grammy nominated, triple platinum, and gold record recipient David LaBrel. Moretta has released the video for the first single off the album called “Hurricane” and can be seen below.

What’s Left Means Nothing will be released on July 28th.

What’s Left Means Nothing track listing:

1. “This Feeling”
2. “At One Point”
3. “Death Wish”
4. “Watch Me Suffer”
5. “Headstone Remorse”
6. “Modern Day Coward”
7. “Hurricane”
8. “Cue the Silence”
9. “Codependent on Heartbreak”
10. “Revive the Broken”
11. “The Unknown”