Band: Moodring
Song: “N.I.K.E.”
Album: Stargazer
Release Date: June 10th, 2022
Label: UNFD

Singer Hunter Young shares:

‘N.I.K.E.’ is a song about forbidden love under the eyes of religion. The lyrics are about fighting the taboos of dogma and judgement to love who you love and to be with the one you truly desire. After being forced into hiding for long enough, the characters in the song lose control. The tension has become too much to bear, coming together through what they’ve been taught is sin and blasphemy. But when they find each other all they feel is ecstasy.”


Stargazer track listing:

  1. “How to Leave Painlessly”
  2. “Disintegrate”
  3. “Constrict”
  4. “Red Light Gossip”
  5. “Peel”
  6. “Stargazer”
  7. “N.I.K.E.”
  8. “SYNC.wav”
  9. “Head in the Clouds”
  10. “Novocaine Bones”
  11. “Xeno (Foreign Love)”