Miss May I have an official music video for the song “You Want Me”, it can be viewed below. The video was a collaboration between the band and Affliction Clothing. The clothing company had this to say about the endeavor:

“Miss May I approached us with an idea to film a video for one of their leading singles off of the upcoming album “Rise Of The Lion”. the concept was to show the continuing internal struggle of their character, that originally started with getting a massive tattoo of the bands logo on a fans back. we were more than stoked to help out. the band came down to our hq offices and performed “You Want Me” inside our full size boxing ring. we then brought in two of our amazing fighters, Marlen Magee and Matt Doyle, to perform a realistic fight sequence as if they were in a real fight. what we got was more than amazing. check out the video below to see how it all came out. thank you Miss May I and team for allowing us to be a part of this amazing experience!”