In honor of the Mayhem Festival I welcome you to our first playlist post! This is going to become a regular thing done here for fans to have some mixes to listen to at work (if appropriate, because many of these wouldn’t be playing in a doctor’s office or something), work out to, discover new bands, rediscover old favorites, as well as for just general enjoyment. I will also begin sharing more videos on the Facebook page as kind of a radio thing and to feature some really cool tracks by bands old and new.

I mentioned the Mayhem Festival at the beginning of the post because this is a Mayhem Playlist featuring all the bands on the roster for the tour this year. It is also because I will be attending the concert this week where I will be taking pictures to begin gallery posts to share concert pictures with you all. I’ll be posting to Twitter here and there to share pictures during the show and such. Anyway, enjoy the playlist, see you when I get back!

PS – The website won’t be very active for the next few days because the concert is part of a vacation I’m taking before going back to school/(real)work. However, as soon as the vacation is done I will get back to posting. Posts might be a little more spread since I will need to make some time for photo editing but I’ll do my best. I’m still working on balancing this out to be more effective at it. Thank you for the support!