And the awesome album streams continue! First we got Wovenwar’s debut streaming on Metal Blade’s web page and now Darkest Hour’s latest album. Label Sumerian Records is streaming the album on their YouTube channel. The playlist is embedded below.

Darkest Hour’s self-titled album will be out on August 5th. It is their 8th overall studio album which can be purchased via Merch Connection and iTunes.

Darkest Hour track listing:

1. “Wasteland”
2. “Rapture In Exile”
3. “The Misery We Make”
4. “Infinite Eyes”
5. “Futurist”
6. “The Great Oppressor”
7. “Anti-Axis”
8. “By The Starlight”
(feat. Draemings)
9. “Lost For Life”
10. “The Goddess Figure”
11. “Lunar Divide”
12. “Beneath The Blackening Sky”
13. “Surrealist”
14. “Hypatia Rising”
15. “Departure”