Band: Mantic Ritual
Song: “Crusader”
Album: Crusader 7″
Release Date: January 28th, 2022
Label: M-Theory Audio

Vocalist/guitarist Dan Wetmore says:

“What’s up, metal wackos, death stare daddies and thrash ragers? I’m pleased to announce the first Mantic Ritual release since our 2009 debut on Nuclear Blast. Though it has been a while, the metal flame never died. We aren’t dropping an album at this time, but rather putting out a few smaller releases in anticipation. It’s been a while and we’re stoking the fire, revvin’ up, getting our shit together. Via M-Theory Audio, this 7-inch is just a small taste of what’s to come, and paves the way for a worthy successor to ‘Executioner’, condensing our thrash, death and punk influences into something competent and pointed.

When I was 18, the thrash revival seemed like a nice jumping point for the pissed-off, metal-head prick I was. I’m still pissed-off, might still be a prick, but shit has landed and it’s way more concise, and I think, way better. Whatever furious adjective-filled heavy metal tagline you choose, I promise the new Mantic Ritual will deliver. Sure, a 7-inch isn’t a big release, but I’m sure it’s bigger than most of you…stay tuned, mates!”


Mantic Ritual is:

Dan Wetmore – vocals/guitars
Jeff Potts – guitars
Ben Mottsman – bass
Carlos Cruz – drums