Madball reveal details for new effort For The Cause, stream new song “Old Fashioned”

New York hardcore vets Madball have unveiled the details of their upcoming full-length For The Cause. The record, which was produced by Rancid’s Tim Armstrong and mixed by Tue Madsen (Meshuggah, Dark Tranquility, Sick Of It All), is scheduled for release on June 15th via Nuclear Blast. Frontman Freddy Cricien comments:

“If you’re not fighting for a cause, you’re not participating in life. Simple as that. Speak up, fight, educate yourself, make a difference and make sacrifices for what’s important to you.”

Regarding the production, Freddy adds:

“It’s a tricky thing, producing. You can truly enhance something, but you could also ruin a record if a band lets you. Tim has always respected our band and how we do what we do. He knew we had a vision for how this album should sound, so he let us do our thing, but was there every step supporting and cheering us on. Whenever he did chime in, it was well thought out and he made strong suggestions. He even helped write the hook on ‘For You’. He was there for us in a non-meddlesome role, which for this particular record, was the best-case scenario.”

The record sees the return of guitarist Matt Henderson, who hasn’t performed on a Madball outing since 2000s Hold It Down. Cricien offers:

“To have him record with us again was really special. Matt’s been playing ‘commemorative’ shows and tours with us on-and-off over the years, so, obviously, the love and friendship is there. He’ll always be an honorary member… A Madball lifer.”

Word of the new album arrives with the premiere of first single “Old Fashioned”, listen below. Copies are available for pre-order now at Nuclear Blast’s webstore and on iTunes.

For The Cause track listing:

1. “Smile Now Pay Later”
2. “Rev Up”
(feat. Sick Jacken)
3. “Freight Train”
4. “Tempest”
5. “Old Fashioned”
6 .“Evil Ways”
(feat. Ice-T)
7 .“Lone Wolf”
8. “Damaged Goods”
9. “The Fog”
(feat. Tim Armstrong & Steve Whale)
10. “Es Tu Vida”
11. “For You”
12. “For The Cause”
13. “Confessions”
(CD/LP bonus track)