Lizzy Borden issue full-album stream of My Midnight Things

Band: Lizzy Borden
Album: My Midnight Things
Release Date: June 15th, 2018
Label: Metal Blade Records

  • My Midnight Things track listing:

    1. “My Midnight Things”
    2. “Obsessed with You”
    3. “Long May They Haunt Us”
    4. “The Scar Across My Heart”
    5. “A Stranger to Love”
    6. “The Perfect Poison”
    7. “Run Away with Me”
    8. “Our Love Is God”
    9. “My Midnight Things”
    10. “We Belong to the Shadows”
    11. “Long May they Haunt Us”
    12. “Silent Night”
    13. “Waiting In The Wings”