Listen to Fractal Universe’s Rhizomes Of Insanity in full

Band: Fractal Universe
Album: Rhizomes Of Insanity
Release Date: April 19th, 2019
Label: Metal Blade Records

Rhizomes Of Insanity track listing:

  1. “Oneiric Realisations”
  2. “Flashes Of Potentialities”
  3. “Rising Oblivion”
  4. “A Reality To Foreclose”
  5. “Masterpiece’s Parallelism”
  6. “Parabola Of Silence”
  7. “Madness’ Arabesques”
  8. “Architectural Aberrations”
  9. “Fundamental Dividing Principle”
  10. “Chiasmus Of The Damned”
  11. “Collective Engram” – Unplugged (bonus track)