Lionize will be releasing their new studio record, titled Nuclear Soul on September 8th via The End Records. Bassist Hank Upton said of the album:

“So much of our career as a band has been following our instincts and running headlong into the unknown with no regard for how insane a tour/show/song idea might be. I feel like that passion & willingness to take a risk has gotten us very far. Naturally, though, you’re walking a tightrope. Same goes for your personal life with romance or substances, etc. Passion and heart will take you everywhere but where’s the line? I was trying to investigate that feeling.”

A music video for the record’s first single “Blindness To Danger”, check it out below. The clip was directed by Miguel “M.I.G.” Martinez and features an appearance by pro-wrestler The Almighty Sheik.

The group produced the effort alongside Clutch’s Jean-Paul Gaster and producer J. Robbins (Clutch, Against Me!). Pre-orders of Nuclear Soul are available now at this link.

Nuclear Soul track listing:

1. “Darkest Timeline”
2. “Face Of Mars”
3. “Fire in Athena”
4. “Power Grid”
5. “Ain’t It A Shame”
6. “Election Year”
7. “March Of The Clones”
8. “Let You Down”
9. “The Mad Scientist Of Sunshine”
10. “Nuclear Soul”
11. “Blindness To Danger”