Krisiun have a new lyric video for their track “Ways Of Barbarism”. The song appears on the Brazilian death metallers new full-length Forged In Fury, which is out now on Century Media. CD and LP copies are available at Indie Merch, while the digital edition is available on iTunes.

Forged In Fury track listing:

1. “Scars Of The Hatred”
2. “Ways Of Barbarism”
3. “Dogma Of Submission”
4. “Strength Forged In Fury”
5. “Soulless Impaler”
6. “Burning Of The Heretic”
7. “The Isolated Truth”
8. “Oracle Of The Ungod”
9. “Timeless Starvation”
10. “Milonga De La Muerte”

Krisiun 1

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