Band: Krisiun
Song: “War Blood Hammer”
Director: Cloud Music Typography
Album: Mortem Solis
Release Date: July 29th, 2022
Label: Century Media

Krisiun guitarist Moyses Kolesne about “War Blood Hammer” states:

‘War Blood Hammer’ follows the same path of the other 3 singles we’ve released for Mortem Solis, maybe a bit more tech oriented but we tried to sound as brutal, aggressive and natural we can but avoiding all the artificial tools like grid editing, emulators, plugins, metronomes. All was recorded to give people the real Death Metal vibe of early 90s’. It’s not perfect but heavy!!! Death Metal nowadays sounds too melodic for me, too artificial. Bands are technical but not brutal or aggressive! We want to bring the real death metal vibe back but with the modern approach and have Krisiun identify there.”


Mortem Solis track listing:

  1. “Sworn Enemies”
  2. “Serpent Messiah”
  3. “Swords into Flesh”
  4. “Necronomical”
  5. “Tomb of the Nameless”
  6. “Dawn Sun Carnage (Intro)”
  7. “Temple of the Abattoir”
  8. “War Blood Hammer”
  9. “As Angels Burn”
  10. “Worm God”