Dance Gavin Dance stream new album Jackpot Juicer in full

Band: Dance Gavin Dance
Album: Jackpot Juicer
Release Date: July 29th, 2022
Label: Rise Records

Jackpot Juicer track listing:

  1. “Untitled 2”
  2. “Cream of the Crop”
  3. “Synergy” feat. Rob Damiani
  4. “Holy Ghost Spirit”
  5. “For the Jeers”
  6. “Ember”
  7. “Pop Off!”
  8. “One Man’s Cringe”
  9. “Feels Bad Man”
  10. “Die Another Day”
  11. “Two Secret Weapons”
  12. “Polka Dot Dobbins”
  13. “Long Nights in Jail”
  14. “Back on Deck”
  15. “Current Events”
  16. “Pray to God for Your Mother”
  17. “Swallowed by Eternity”
  18. “Have a Great Life”