Invent Animate have joined Australian label UNFD’s roster. Their first effort for the label will be a three-song EP titled The Sun Sleeps, As if It Never Was. The effort is scheduled for release on September 23rd, with pre-order available now at this location. The first single, “The Sun Sleeps”, is now streaming and can be heard below. Drummer Trey Celaya said of it:

“We wanted to explore both sides of a deeply painful situation, and to draw out how nuanced and weird and difficult these things can be.

I think people are learning in the modern day it’s not as simple as ‘this is just a bad person, and they were addicted to drugs and they did it to themselves’, there’s always a string of trauma and things that are not dealt with and stigmatized mental health that sets off a spiral. Even if one person is clearly in the wrong, it doesn’t exempt them from being a victim in another sense.”

Speaking of the EP’s concept as a whole, he adds:

“Despite all attempts to keep our darker reality shadowed in secrecy, there comes a moment in time when the truth can no longer be hidden behind closed doors or empty excuses. And at once, everything is revealed, as if the Light is a constant law of nature laying bare the secrets we believe are ours to keep. In this infinite moment, the bond shared between two loved ones is severed. The flow of time does not wash away the scars, it only immortalizes what is suspended in the balance – the pain of loss, the gift of hindsight, and the curse of hope. What will always be a memory. This EP is a true story of addiction and the trauma that lies in its aftermath of a secret too dark to be hidden.”

The Sun Sleeps, As If It Never Was EP track listing:

  1. “The Sun Sleeps”
  2. “,”
  3. “As If It Never Was”

Invent Animate is:

Marcus Vik – vocals
Keaton Goldwire – guitar
Trey Celaya – drums
Caleb Sherradan – bass