Band: Hawthorne Heights
Song: “Tired and Alone”
Album: The Rain Just Follows Me
Release Date: September 10th, 2021
Label: Pure Noise Records

Speaking of the album, singer JT Woodruff states:

“We want to create the best songs that are accurate depictions of our lives and connect to other people through our songs. I hope this record helps people understand that others out there are thinking like them – and thinking about them. Everyone gets poured on in life; we just want to provide an umbrella.”

Regarding the new single/video, Woodruff offered:

“I’m not sure if it’s just me, but the worst times just seem to be louder in my head. I have trouble shutting them out and focusing on the truly remarkable things I’ve been able to be a part of. In a spark of clarity while drinking some very fine iced honey lavender lattes, Mark and I were able to capture a shared moment, which turned into some of my favorite lyrics from the album. We rushed back to my living room and wrote Tired and Alone before the lattes were done. It was a nice positive vibe, with nobody else around. Sometimes the more people you have poking around a recording session, the worse your idea becomes. This track has a nice summery feel, and it sounds like the year after graduating high school. That very short timeframe when anything is possible. Until the itineraries pile up, and the train endlessly bounds on.”


The Rain Just Follows Me track listing:

  1. “Constant Dread” feat. Brendan Murphy (Counterparts)
  2. “The Rain Just Follows Me”
  3. “Holy Coast”
  4. “Tired And Alone”
  5. “Thunder In Our Hearts”
  6. “Spray Paint It Black”
  7. “Dull Headlights”
  8. “Palm Canyon Drive”
  9. “Seafoam”
  10. “Words Can’t Hurt”
  11. “Bambarra Beach (The End)”
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