Implore have premiered a lyric video for their new track “All Consuming Filth”. Speaking of the track, the group said:

“Life won’t stop, life won’t wait, it’s either fighting every day or drowning with it. This song is about not feeling good enough to fight the day by day and falling into addictions to ignore the pain.”

“All Consuming Filth” is the first single off their upcoming new album Alienated Despair, which is going to be out on September 27th via Century Media Records. Regarding the record, the group offered:

“31 minutes of straight-to-the-point violence, Alienated Despair is our heaviest record to date. Featuring guest vocals by Tomas Lindberg it has the real anatomy of Implore, the exact dose of grind, death and punk. One more step forward in the evolution of this band.”

Pre-orders are available on all formats are available here.

Alienated Despair track listing:

  1. “Faculties Of Time”
  2. “Abandoned Desires”
  3. “Parallax”
  4. “All Is Not Lost Is Long Forgotten”
  5. “The Constant Dissonance”
  6. “Never Again” (feat. Tomas Lindberg)
  7. “All Consuming Filth”
  8. “Let The Pleasure Destroy Me”
  9. “In Apathetic Isolation”
  10. “The Venom Comes In Droves”
  11. “Despondency”